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Reputation Giant Personal Services

Whether you’re looking for a job, applying to college, or are moving on from a marriage or relationship, Reputation Giant helps you squash negative content,comments, images, and videos from the top search engine results, so you can present an accurate personal image online.

Protect your privacy.

Remove personal and financial information from invasive people-search websites. Squash arrest records and mugshots as well as lawsuits and case filings in search results.

Our team has helped hundreds of job seekers and college applicants squash negative personal results in search engine results pages, helping them move forward with their personal goals and accomplishments. 


Reputation Giant Professional Services

Professionals like attorneys, physicians, investors, dentists and therapists can find their professional reputations at the mercy of unwarranted bad reviews, negative comments by impossible-to-satisfy clients, or bad press from an unhappy competitor.

Take control of your online reputation.

Promote a positive professional image and squash negative results with Reputation Giant Business Services. Our comprehensive content strategies will squash negative content from review websites, forums, news sites and consumer sites.

The members of our team of reputation management experts have helped hundreds of professionals like doctors and lawyers, as well as professional plumbers, roofers, contractors, and electricians squash negative comments and unfair reviews, biased news pieces, and online misinformation so your customers can find honest reviews and information about your skills, services, and achievements.


* Legal services available for complex cases

Reputation Giant Business Services

Businesses small and large need to take action against negative reviews and ratings online if they want to continue to reach savvy consumers. Squash unjust consumer complaints, biased news reports, lawsuits, court records, and search engine auto-suggest. Restaurants, retail stores, hotels and resorts, car dealerships and repair shops, and property management companies can squash negative results, enhance their reputations and attract more potential customers with Reputation Giant Business Services.

From identifying and analyzing your entire online presence to managing your social media accounts Reputation Giant improves your reputation and squashes negative results. Legal Services available for immediate need and complex solutions.

Small and mid-sized businesses from all over the country have turned to our knowledgeable team to improve their online business reputations and help their current and potential customers build and maintain trust in their brands. We have helped countless business owners and companies squash negative news reports, comments and reviews. We help your business take control of your reputation and prevent unethical competition practices from damaging your image, your name, and the trust you worked so hard to build with your customer base.


NEED HELP? Call 1-844-88-GIANT now to speak to a reputation specialist or




We dig deep into search results and perform a complete review of all online content and potentially negative search results related to your name or brand.


We relay our findings, our planned approach, and get a better understanding of how you’d like to be portrayed online and what you’d like to appear in search results when people search you.

Legal Action

When legal action is needed to remove untruthful information or unauthorized/stolen content, our in-house legal team begins work on getting it taken down.


We begin creating content centrally focused around building your credibility and enhancing your online reputation.



We begin distributing your content to multiple channels including news media, blogs, social networks, and your personal websites.


Publishing content, without effectively promoting it does nothing. Search engines need to crawl and index this content. Using proprietary techniques we promote your content to the top of search results.


We measure and monitor your results continuosly. We use these results to compare our benchmark to your plan and make adjustments accordingly. Regular reports keep you informed of our progress.

How Does It Work?

Our Promise To Clients

Expert Teams Dedicated to Your Reputation.

Our online reputation management teams are led by highly experienced professional SEO consultants, content developers, account managers, and web developers. They bring decades of experience to every strategy they develop.

Improved Search Results Rankings.

The reputation enhancing techniques used by Reptation Giant squashes negative search results so positive results can move up, enhancing your reputation and giving you more control of how you’re portrayed online. 

Consistent Tracking and Reporting.

We track your movement in search results rankings and provide you with fully detailed reports so you always know how we’re doing. Your account manager can answer any questions you may have about online reputation management or the details of your report.

Customized, Optimized, High-Quality Content.

Our content is optimized for search engines using both on-page and off-page optimization techniques and is specifically customized for your specific strengths and achievements. 

Fully-optimized Websites, Blogs, and Online Profiles.

Our SEO consultants work side by side with our web presence team while they develop and build your websites, blogs, and online properties.

No Long-Term Contracts.

Reputation Giant works for you until you are ready to manage your online reputation. We don’t force you to commit to long-term contracts, and we don’t take your content down when you leave.

See How We’ve Helped Our Customers Manage Their Online Reputations

Suzanne S., Job Seeker

When prospective employers were being dissuaded from hiring job seeker Suzanne because of search engine results, Reputation Giant squashed the negative and inaccurate information about Suzanne’s past and replaced it with new and accurate information. We pushed this positive content about her to the top of search engine results and she was hired shortly thereafter. Her new employer even commented about the good information he found online about her. 

Gary R., Home Remodeler

Most small businesses count on referrals from satisfied customers, and Gary’s company was no different. That’s why Gary came to Reputation Giant when he found some negative search results for his business name. Gary was hired by a couple to install a deck on their home. After signing a contract, Gary purchased the materials for the deck and scheduled the installation. The homeowners then informed Gary they were moving and would not need the deck. Gary was able to keep the contract and the deck looks great. However, the homeowners left bad reviews for Gary’s company online. Reputation Giant squashed the negative review so the positive reviews left by hundreds of Gary’s satisfied customers could rise in search engine results. Now when homeowners search online for a reputable remodeling company, they will know they can trust Gary.

Dan D., Moving Company Owner

Dan’s moving business has helped thousands of families and businesses relocate across several states. After 15 years of service, Dan finds that most new customers come from referrals, so when he found negative reviews online for his moving company, he was rightfully concerned. Dan said that in only a tiny percentage of his thousands of moving jobs has a customer’s possessions been damaged, and he paid the customers claims in every case where his company was at fault. One customer wasn’t satisfied though, even after Dan made amends for the damage, and went online and posted negative reviews.  Reputation Giant developed a customized package that pushed positive search results up above the negative reviews to the first page of Google.

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